This is not your average screenplay...but a TRUE STORY that is an inspirational drama and will draw in a faith based audience.

We are looking for a high quality production company to produce, distribute and help market the film.

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with an Oscar caliber film.

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Patricia's Story

The screenplay is about Patricia, an adopted Caucasian girl who feels like an outcast. She bonds with African- American friends at her high school. After being gang raped she begins acting out towards her parents. She is then banished from her parent’s house and struggles through a period of homelessness. One day while almost being hit by a car she meets a sophisticated man named Gene. He wines her and dines her and then tells her he is going to teach her how to earn big money. She learns that his intentions were to turn her out; discouraged she acquiesces and becomes a streetwalker on the seedy streets of San Francisco night after night turning tricks with a variety of men. Gene becomes increasing controlling saying he “owns” her. He becomes verbally and physically abusive.

Patricia Becomes Pregnant

Patricia becomes pregnant cementing a future with Gene. Patricia’s mother now an empty nester is in an emotionally vacant home and is enthusiastic over the prospect of being a grandmother.  Gene uses this to his advantage, the new grandmother eagerly goes along with his request that she help raise the baby. Gene requires Patricia to return to work. Patricia as a mother becomes invested in her life and is concerned for her safety on the street. She convinces Gene to let her try to navigate the world of a call girl. Now Gene acquiesces as she becomes connected in the world of high priced call girls and becomes in demand by wealthy men who are educated, considerate and pay up $10,000 a week for her companionship.

Increased income equals an enriched lifestyle as Gene moves them to an expensive high rise apartment.  Patricia begins to beg to have her now toddler daughter come and live with them, but Gene does not budge. Gene beats Patricia in front of the child which is the last straw. With money saved Patricia, courageously leaves Gene and takes the child and goes into hiding in a neighboring city.

She Marries Duke, an International Drug Smuggler

Duke's bosses tell him the Feds may be on to the drug cartel. A few months pass and then one day DEA agents break down the door and place the family face down then taking them into custody. The Feds facilitate a plea bargain and Duke is sent to prison for a brokered period of time. As part of this deal Patricia and her three children are put into the Federal Witness Protection Program. The federal prosecutor is intent on getting his testimony from Duke before the cartel approaches Duke or his family in retaliation.

Lonely and in the Federal Witness Protection Program

Patricia and her kids are moved from hotel to hotel being placed in Minnesota, Michigan and Missouri. Before she knows it she is with her children in a lonely hotel room after hotel room, but she finds something that has been missing from her life; hope.

She explores the Bible and after time she garners solace and even courage from its pages.

The Federal Marshals have arranged for permanent protection but it will cost her a new identity.  Patricia declines and waives her right to protection and returns to San Francisco in efforts to build a respectable life for her and the children.

She Goes to College and Majors in Criminology

She gets her life on track and begins attending a local community college. Excelling in school she lands a job working with delinquent teens at juvenile hall while going to school full time. She fervently completes college, gets her bachelor’s degree and becomes a Deputy Probation Officer. Her life has begun to come full circle.

She Meets the Love of Her Life and Marries Carl

While at her new job Patricia meets the love of her life, Carl. They fall in love and get married on Easter the next year. Patricia gets pregnant with Carl’s baby, Gina and now has four children to call her own. Carl wanting a more fulfilling career than sales goes to police academy with Patricia’s support. After a few years Patricia is rapidly excelling as a Parole/Probation Officer, always willing to go the extra mile. She is rewarded by the chief with a significant promotion to a “Superior Court Sentencing Officer.”

​Carl is overwhelmed by the good news and it seems like Patricia is becoming amazingly successful in her career. Carl is so proud. Then one day she is called urgently into her boss’s office. There she is confronted with files going back from when she was 13 years old. The files include her time as a call girl. Her boss, Chief Barkely is livid and alerts her that he is immediately starting the termination proceedings. A devastated Patricia has to come home and break the terrible news to Carl. She lets Carl know for the first time that over a decade ago, when she was a teenager, she lived the life of a prostitute. Carl is crushed, just when they were a happy family he gets the news that he can’t seem to recover from. Carl is infuriated that Patricia kept this information from him. As he graduates from the police academy he tells her their marriage is over. Patricia finds solace once again, in her faith and in her GOD.

Overcoming at Work and Inspiring People in the Criminal Justice System
Ultimately Patricia’s case goes to trial and she is reinstated and returns to her courtroom assignment. Which newfound personal courage her integrity is indisputable even while some attempted to linger in the disparity of her past.

Over time Patricia is then chosen to make speeches to juvenile delinquents and inspires them to rise above there circumstances despite how bleak they look. Patricia retires after 20 years and is recognized over and over for excellence in her services to others.

The film’s ending quote…

“Let your choices be courageous ones, allow yourself to learn without having to be right or wrong, because life is like a movie - and you –are the author and director. Go make yourself a blockbuster."

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